Cool USB Gadgets 2017

USB Prylar – USB Gadgets online 2017

In the present it is easy to discover cool and useful USB gadgets in the online market. For our swedish customers the well-known term is USB Prylar, the whole idea is to find only genuine products from top-rated brands.

In 2017 you can find a USB port in a lot of online stores but all the time you must aware of placing orders in those stores where you cannot see any reviews, comments or better, if you can, please check that brand in the online market, what is his brand awarness?

In our post we want to reveal today some of the most genuine and well-know USB prylar suitable for you and for your beloved ones.

  • Travel Cup – Take with you one amazing gadgets:

Basically, with this travel cup you can take with you up to 16 ounces of your coffee or favorite beverage. The best part is that you can keep your favorite drink at your perfect temperature.

Travel Cup gadget online

If you decide to place order for this item, in the product package you will find both USB and a 12V car adapter.

  • USB Gloves – an amazing gift for you and for your family

With this great gadget you can work on your mobile device, on your notebook, even you are outside on your winter days.

When you buy this item you will identify great gloves with heating areas in the back of the product. The easy part is to connect the USB port to your device.

  • USB gloves onlineUSB Beverage Cooler – one amazing alternative to your travel cup

You can use these great and cool USB gadgets for long-term period of time, it is suitable for your car, for your home, basically for your personal or business purposes. It comes with a blue light inside and keeps your drink cool.

If you want to discover other genuine products please feel free to click here to check out these cool prylar.

  • USB Rechargeable Shaver – great option for your business purposes

This cool USB gadget represent a wise decision for your professional travel days.

This product it is a great decision for your, it is a nice gift idea, basically we discuss about one portable and lightweight item that recharges via USB.

The most important advice for your future orders is to check every time when you want to buy such devices, even you know that brand, don’t hesitate to check some reviews, the product description and not in the end some online reviews.

For other top USB gadget recommendations please feel free to check our future posts, for any questions please don’t hesitate to send us your message. Meanwhile, for other top information related to this industry and online niche, please read more at


Cool USB flash drives

Check out! Some Cool & Unique Flash Drive Gadgets

We are living in the fast pace world and we are always on the move. Flash drives gadgets – USB prylar help us to be on the move because our data and information are moving with us.

Although, we are surrounded by gadgets flash drives are something that we surely cannot miss.

You just need to put this drive in a socket on a computing device and you are good to go without the need to worry about platform compatibility. Here are mentioned some awesome flash drives that you can add to your gadgets list – köpa coola prylar.

  • Custom Flash Drives

Custom Flash Drives online

You can customize your flash drives and other gadgets.

It is surely and effective branding tool and you can use it for personal use as well such as a gift to someone special.

Entrepreneurs and students are using this for their everyday use as well.

  • Sawed-off USB Key

Flash drives are available in different sizes and shapes but this sawed-off usb key is definitely unique – usb prylar. The best part is that you can make this gadget on your own as well. Check this!

Sawed-off USB Key online

  • Dead Drop Flash Drives

It is a project by Aram Bartholl where USB flash drives are available for the public use. USB flash drives are embedded in outdoor brick walls and anybody can access them.

It is an anonymous, peer to peer file sharing network for the public and you can use it while you are offline. The Dead drop is installed empty and you will see 1 file only that will explain the project to you – köpa coola prylar online.

You can plug in your laptop and download files or upload any file as well. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Empty Memory 16GB – Structure – Stainless Steel

Empty Memory 16GB - Stainless Steel

Empty memory is a jewelry collection and is offered by ‘Beyond Objects’ which works and you can use it as a gadget as well.

It is available in many colors and there are many designs in the series and all of them are unique.

  • Swivel Flash Drive for iPhone iPad iPod External Storage Memory Expansion With Lightning Connector

It is Apple MFi Certified flash drive for your iPhone, iPad as well as iPod. Now you can transfer videos, photos between your PCs – köpa coola prylar, Mac computers, and iPhones with an ease.

You can choose between 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. You can watch almost all popular format videos and access photos directly from this flash drive.